Leadership Institute

AKA Leadership Institute

The American Kinesiology Association (AKA) promotes and enhances kinesiology as a unified field of study and advances its many applications. AKA does this by advocating for kinesiology at national and international levels, and by supporting member departments through educational opportunities and resource materials, including an annual workshop for university administrators in kinesiology. This annual AKA Leadership Workshop is widely regarded as the nation’s premiere conference for kinesiology department chairs, deans, and faculty who assist with the administration of kinesiology programs. 

Building upon the success of the AKA Leadership Workshop, we are pleased to introduce the AKA Leadership Institute, which will recruit it first class in 2019. The Leadership Institute will utilize a mentoring model to provide exceptional training and networking for new department chairs, associate chairs, and emerging faculty leaders who aspire to advance toward administrative positions in the near future. This 12-month program includes: 1) two in-person, group sessions held in conjunction with the annual AKA Leadership Workshop, 2) bi-monthly webinars with other fellows and a facilitator to discuss a leadership topic, and 3) bi-monthly one-on-one calls with a senior mentor to discuss a case scenario relating to the prior month webinar (~30 min) and to seek input on local challenges and career development (~30 min). Key resource materials, often in the form of peer-review publications (i.e., Kinesiology Review, Quest, etc.) or case studies, will be provided prior to webinars and other sessions. Mentors will be assigned in consultation with each fellow.

To ensure high quality programming, we will limit the number of fellows to 10 per year and will maintain a ratio of no more than 2:1 fellows-to-mentors. Applications are due June 1 each year, and application requirements are detailed below. Decisions will be finalized at the summer Executive Committee retreat (i.e., June), and the fellowship will officially begin each year at the AKA Leadership Workshop held at the end of January.

If you have questions, please contact AKA Leadership Institute co-directors Dr. Jason Carter (jcarter@mtu.edu) or Dr. John Bartholomew (jbart@austin.utexas.edu). Drs. Carter and Bartholomew are AKA Board members, fellows of the National Academy of Kinesiology, and department chairs at their respective universities. 

Watch this video for a description of the Leadership Institute.

Program Overview and Timeline

November 2018

• Webinar #1: History and Challenges Faced by Kinesiology (90 min) - Presenter:  Karl Newell, University of Georgia 

January 2019

• Welcome reception/social for fellows and mentors
• Fellow Session 1: Morning prior to AKA Pre-Workshops
• Identifying and utilizing diverse leadership skills, and embracing the role of shared governance
• Distinguishing kinesiology the discipline from kinesiology the department
• Preparing for the variety of university structures: Carnegie classification, regional/state nuances, union vs. nonunion environments, etc. 
• Understanding various unit budget models: Traditional, RCM, hybrid, etc.
• AKA Pre-Workshop
• AKA Leadership Workshop
• Fellow Session 2: Morning after AKA Leadership Workshop
• Understanding national trends in kinesiology and higher education
• Transitioning to chair: Same institution vs. new institution
• Hiring, managing, and evaluating faculty and staff
• Dealing with legal issues and avoiding legal pitfalls
• Fellows provide prioritized list of one-on-one mentor for the next 12 months

February 2019

• Webinar #2: Developing, Implementing, and Assessing a Department Strategic Plan (90 min) - Presenter:  T. Gilmour Reeve, AKA Executive Director

March 2019

• Bi-monthly one-on-one call w/ senior mentor (60 min)

April 2019

• Webinar #3: Determining Priorities and Providing Support for Faculty, Staff, and Students (90 min) - Presenter:  Phil Martin, Iowa State University

May 2019

• Bi-monthly one-on-one call w/ senior mentor (60 min)

June 2019

• Webinar #4: Building and Supporting Diversity & Inclusion (90 min) - Presenter: Mary Rudisill, Auburn University 

July 2019

• Bi-monthly one-on-one call w/ senior mentor (60 min)

August 2019

• Webinar #5: Aligning Degree Programs with the AKA Undergraduate Core Curriculum Recommendations (90 min) - Presenter:  Wojtek Chadzko-Zajko, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

September 2019

• Bi-monthly one-on-one call w/ senior mentor (60 min)

October 2019

• Webinar #6: Embracing Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Kinesiology (90 min) - Presenter:  Rick Kreider, Texas A & M University

November 2019

• Bi-monthly one-on-one call w/ senior mentor (60 min)

December 2019

• Webinar #7: Balancing Your Administrative and Faculty Responsibilities (90 min) - Presenter:  Nancy Williams, Penn State University

January 2020

• AKA Pre-Workshop (optional)
• Fellow Session 3: Lunch prior to AKA Leadership Workshop
• Reflecting on lessons learned and take home messages
• Developing next steps for continued professional development
• AKA Leadership Workshop – includes recognition and certificate of fellow program completion
• Exit Interview w/ AKA Executive Director and AKA Leadership Institute organizers


Application Requirements

1) Cover letter detailing motivation and commitment to the fellowship, and outlining source of funding for the fellowship
2) Curriculum vitae
3) Three letters of support, including one from Dean/supervisor

Send application materials to Kim Scott (kimscott@americankinesiology.org) by June 1.

Costs of Program

1) $750 program fee (will be invoiced once accepted into the institute)* 
2) Registration/travel to the applicable pre-workshops and workshops

* Program fee is not used to compensate Institute co-directors or mentors. Those services are being volunteered as professional service and a genuine desire to invest in the future leadership of kinesiology.

Click here to download the Leadership Institute Brochure.