Awards Committee

Student Awards Committee Operating Code


Operating Code for the Student Awards Committee


Name of the Committee: Student Awards


Purpose of the Committee

The Student Awards Committee is a standing committee of the American Kinesiology Association (AKA).  It is responsible for reviewing the submissions for four competitive student awards: the National Undergraduate Scholar Award; the National Master’s Scholar Award; the National Doctoral Scholar Award, and the National Graduate Student Writing Award. Each AKA member department may submit one nomination in each award category.   For each award category, each national nominee will be recognized as the local award recipient for that category for his/her respective department. 

Committee Membership

The Student Awards Committee consists of ten members, including the chair of the committee. The members of the committee must be faculty members in AKA member departments and the chair must be a current or past member of the Board of Directors.

The President, with approval of the Executive Committee, appoints the members of the committee. The Chair of the Student Awards Committee and each member shall serve for a term of three years unless renewed or extended by official action. The three year terms will be staggered so that about a third of the committee membership changes each year. Committee terms will begin and end after the annual workshop.

Consistent with Article 12 of the AKA by-laws, committee members shall disclose any conflict of interest with any matters or meeting agenda items at the beginning of a committee meeting. When a conflict exists, the member will abstain from voting and participating in the discussion. The minutes of the meeting shall reflect the disclosure made.


The Student Awards Committee will receive from the Business Office all nominations for national awards. (National Undergraduate Scholar Award; National Master’s Scholar Award; National Doctoral Scholar Award, and National Graduate Student Writing Award).  The committee will start the review process for all awards on or about March 1 and complete the selection on or about March 31.  Within one week after decisions are made about the nominations the results will be forwarded to the AKA office and departments will be notified immediately. Upon completion of the review process notification of the national award recipients will be forwarded to the Department Head and Dean of the home institution by the AKA office. The pictures of the national award winners, and the local award winners (i.e., national award nominees) will be published on the AKA website.

Members will review the nomination forms and process as needed to ensure that the best interests of the students and the institutions are served. 


Reporting Requirements

The Student Awards Committee chair provides a report of committee activities to the Executive Committee, with the names of students receiving the national awards. The committee chair will also provide a report concerning the local awards that are granted for each institution. A more formal annual written report is provided for the AKA Board of Directors.

Date approved: June 15, 2015
Date revised: January, 2020