Board of Directors

Operating Code for the Board of Directors


Eligibility to Serve

The Board of Directors is a body of elected members from AKA member schools who oversee the activities of the organization. New members of the Board are selected with the intent of inclusion/representation of institutional size, structure, location, sub-discipline, and level of program. The Board of Directors is made up of 15 elected members in addition to the President, President-elect, Past President, Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Member –at-Large, and Junior Member-at-Large (the 6 voting members of the Executive Committee), so that the total number of members on the Board of Directors is 21.

Election of Board Members and Term of Office

Board of Director terms are 3 years in duration with staggered terms so that one-third of the Board of Directors changes each year. The Executive Committee solicits nominations for new Board of Directors members and presents a slate of recommended nominees to the Board for a vote. Nominations may come from member departments, scholarly/professional societies, and the current Board of Directors. Terms for Board members will begin after the yearly workshop but new board members will be invited to attend the Board meeting as observers the year their terms begin.


The Board of Directors has roles and responsibilities that are detailed in the AKA By-Laws. The Board selects the Executive Director, officers, and new board members; adopts amendments to the By-Laws; and establishes requirements for membership, Not less than once per year the Board of Directors will convene to conduct business of the association. Board members are expected to attend the meetings and provide a portion of their expenses. A lack of participation will result in replacement. Business affairs are transacted at the annual meeting by a quorum and a quorum is considered 2/3 of the Board of Directors. Voting by proxy is prohibited.

Date approved: June, 2015

Dates revised: January, 2017