AKA Committees

Membership Committee – responsible for membership recruitment and renewal, and development of recruitment and promotional materials.

Dan Schmidt, Chair, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (2022)
Christopher Robertson, Jacksonville University (2021)
Tannah Broman, Arizona State University (2021)
Ting Liu, Texas State University (2021)
Thomas Raedeke, East Carolina University (2022)
Tim Brusseau, University of Utah (2023)
Sara Michalisyzn, Youngstown State University (2023)
Stacey Altman, East Carolina University (2023)
Al Smith, Michigan State University (Liaison)
Kim Scott, Business Office


Communication and Marketing Committee – responsible for the oversight of website, membership communication including affiliate members and development and support of strategies to enhance communication across the discipline.

Paul Carpenter, California State University-East Bay (Chair, 2023)
Chet Ray, Florida State University (2021)
Karen Francis, University of San Francisco (Liaison, 2021)
Daniel Burt, Texas A&M University-Kingsville (2022)
David Bellar, University of North Carolina, Charlotte (2023)
Donna Pastore, Ohio State University (2023)
Kim Scott, Business Manager
Penny McCullagh, KT Editor

Publications Committee – oversees Kinesiology Today , occasional white papers, position statements and reports.

Tim Gavin, Purdue University (2021)
Janet Buckworth, University of Georgia (2021)
Mark Williams, University of Utah (2022)
Amy Woods, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2022)
Gonzalo Bravo, West Virginia University (2023)
Nancy Williams, Penn State University (Liaison)
Penny McCullagh, KT (Editor)


Student Awards Committee - responsible for reviewing the national scholar awards nominations in three categories from member institutions.

Lara Duke, Chair, Capilano University (2022)
Karen Meaney, Texas State University (2021)
Tracey Matthews, Jacksonville State University (2021)
Mi-Sook Kim, San Francisco State University (2021)
Randall Bryner, West Virginia University (2022)
Melissa Knight-Maloney, Ft. Lewis College (2022)
Angela Smith, Berry College (2022)
Melanie Perrault, SUNY Brockport (2023)
Phillip Post, New Mexico State University (2023)
Brian Focht, Ohio State University (2023)
Lanie Dornier, Tulane University (Liaison, 2022)


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee – promotes diversity and equity within the field of Kinesiology, particularly as it relates to underrepresented groups

Harald Barkhoff, Chair, University of Hawaii-Hilo (2022)
Emilia Zarco, Adelphi University (2021)
Tara Tietjen-Smith, Texas A & M University-Commerce (2021)
Danielle Wadsworth, Auburn University (2023)
Matt Mahar, San Diego State University (2023)
Jared Russell, Auburn University (Liaison, 2022)


Future Directions Committee- responsible for long range planning, developing and monitoring the implementation of the strategic plan, and the recommendation of future workshop themes, projects and new initiatives for consideration by the Executive Committee.

Christina Beaudoin, Chair, Grand Valley State University (2022)
Kathleen Williams, University of North Carolina Greensboro (2021)
Heather Van Mullem, Lewis-Clark State University (2021)
Kim Graber, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2022)
Arend Van Gemmert, Louisiana State University (2023)
Tom Weidner, Ball State University (2023)
Jeff Fairbrother, University of Tennessee (Liaison)