Editor Kinesiology Today

Editor of Kinesiology Today Operating Code


Operating Code for the Editor of Kinesiology Today and Kinesiology Kinnections

Eligibility to Serve

The Editor of KT and KK should be knowledgeable about kinesiology, be highly respected by peers who may consider publishing in the journal, have an extensive record of published articles in quality journals, have experience in serving on editorial boards and/or as a journal editor, have good writing and editing skills, be known to have a broad and balanced perspective of the field, have a record of meeting deadlines, and be willing to take time to lead the journal to success. .

Term of Office and Accountability

Editor for KT and KK will serve for a period of 3 years. Should it be necessary for the editor to resign from one or both positions prior to the termination date, AKA should be provided at least a six months’ notice so that a replacement can be found and an orderly transition can take place. The editor reports to the Executive Committee.


The Editor is responsible for the overall quality of the content of the journal and the Newsletter, and for overseeing the publication process. The Editor helps define the mission and scope of the two publications and is responsible for collecting articles that are new, original, and important contributions to the field. The Editor may write editorials. Specific duties include the following:

  • Solicits articles for publication that are consistent with the editorial mission
  • Forwards the articles for each issue to the Business Office
  • Submits the articles for each issue on time
  • Identifies, investigates and addresses any ethical breaches of conduct by authors
  • Sees that authors are treated with fairness, courtesy, objectivity, and honesty
  • Be prepared to deal with errors and allegations of misbehavior
  • Helps the publisher promote the publication


Reporting Requirements

The Editor of KT and KK will prepare an Annual Report for the Board of Directors that highlights the year’s activities. The Editor will also report opportunities about which AKA and the Business Office should know to help improve the journal and the Newsletter, and report any significant problems that may affect the quality or timely release of the publications

Date approved: June, 2015

Dates revised: January, 2017