Executive Director

Executive Director Operating Code

Eligibility to Serve
The Executive Director (ED) must have administrative experience in kinesiology, preferably as a department head, have a broad knowledge of the field, possess good communication skills, and be committed to advancing the field of kinesiology. The ED should not have another full-time position.
Term of Office and Accountability
The ED will serve for a term of two years and after the initial term and at each annual anniversary date the term will be extended for an additional one-year period. With written notice from the AKA given one year prior to the automatic extension date the term will not be extended. Also, with written notice from the ED sixty days prior to the automatic extension date the term shall not be extended.
The Executive Director conducts the day-to-day activities of the organization and reports to the Executive Committee.
Specific duties include the following:
Provides leadership to promote the discipline of kinesiology and departments of kinesiology
Works with department membership and individuals to promote use of AKA web resources
Works to increase AKA membership
Oversees the work of AKA committees
Collaborates with the Business Manager to enhance and develop AKA materials and services
Develops the agenda for teleconferences of the EC and committee chairs
Develops the agenda for Board of Directors meetings
Supervises the development and management of the AKA budget
Organizes elections for new Board members and the Executive Committee
Oversees the website development and updates
Assumes responsibility for keeping the Master Calendar updated
Oversees AKA fundraising and sponsorship activities
Reporting Requirements
The Executive Directors makes frequent reports of activities to the Executive Committee, and quarterly updates and an annual report to the Board of Directors.
Date approved: June, 2015

Dates revised: June, 2017