Future Directions Committee

Future Directions Committee Operating Codes


Operating Code for the Future Directions Committee


Name of the Committee: Future Directions


Purpose of the Committee

The Future Directions Committee is responsible for identifying issues and questions relevant to the field of Kinesiology that may be addressed in the future by AKA.

Committee Membership

Composition: The Future Directions Committee is composed of four to six members from member institutions, one of whom shall be designated by the Executive Committee as Chairperson. The Chairperson of the committee will be a member of the AKA Board of Directors and will be eligible to serve for up to three consecutive years. The President-Elect and the Executive Director from the EC will serve as Liaisons to the committee as non-voting members.

Terms: The members of the committee are appointed by the Executive Committee (EC) for three year terms that are staggered so that no more than half of the committee membership changes each year. Terms begin and end after the annual workshop.

Function: Committee members accept the responsibility to participate in meetings of the Future Directions Committee throughout their entire term of office and to assume committee responsibilities. A majority of the voting members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum. Future Directions Committee members may not be represented by proxy.

Conflict of Interest: Consistent with Article 12 of the AKA by-laws, committee members shall disclose any conflict of interest with any issues or meeting agenda items at the beginning of a committee meeting. When a conflict exists, the member will abstain from voting and participating in the discussion. The minutes of the meeting shall reflect the disclosure made.


The committee will be responsible for long range planning, new initiatives, and other projects for consideration by the EC. This will include:
• Quarterly monitoring and submitting AKA web content recommended changes specific to the committee to the Communications Committee
• Being responsible for recommending future workshop themes to the EC.
• Providing advice for designing future workshop sessions, assisting in advertising the workshops, taking a leadership role in evaluating the yearly workshops, and consulting with the EC and
President to nominate future workshop coordinators based on the theme of the particular workshop. The Chairperson shall send copies of all correspondence with Committee members relative to the functions of the Committee to the EC.
• Holding a conference call at least once per quarter to conduct business of the committee and pursue formal and/or informal goals established by the committee.

Reporting Requirements

All standing committees report to the EC. The Committee Chairperson will prepare an annual report for distribution at the Association’s Annual Business Meeting. The Annual Report should be sent electronically to the President at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting. In addition, prior to the executive board retreat a report will be prepared for the EC to highlight the activities undertaken since January. The Operating Code should be reviewed annually and if revisions are needed, recommendations for changes are to be submitted to the Executive Committee. Following the Annual Meeting, the Committee Chairperson shall turn over to the incoming Chairperson those contents of the Committee’s files that are judged to be helpful to the work of the new Committee.

Date approved: Initial approval by Future Directions Committee, 5-19-15
Date revised: January, 2017