Past President

Past President Operating code


Operating Code for the Office of Past President

Eligibility to Serve

Each year after the annual workshop the President becomes the Past President. .

Term of Office and Accountability

The Past President will serve a third year as a voting member of the Executive Committee after serving as President-Elect for one year and as President for one year. The Past President is accountable to the Board of Directors as specified in the bylaws.


Serves as Co-Editor for the special themed issue of Kinesiology Review.
Assists the President in designing an agenda to promote and enhance the mission of the AKA.
Attends all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee
Serves as a voting member of the Executive Committee
Assists the President with collaborations with other professional organizations
Coordinates the selection process for the AKA Distinguished Leadership Award

Reporting Requirements

The Past President gives a report of the year’s activities and services at the annual Board of Directors meeting.

Date approved: June 15, 2015

Dates revised: January, 2017