President Elect

President Elect Operating code


Operating Code for the Office of President-Elect

Eligibility to Serve

A candidate for the officer position of President-Elect must be a current or past member of the Board of Directors.

Term of Office and Accountability

The President-Elect will be elected annually and will serve a three year term as a voting member of the Executive Committee. All newly elected officers shall assume their duties after the annual workshop. The President-Elect shall become the President and the President shall become the Past President at this time. The President-Elect is accountable to the Board of Directors as specified in the bylaws.


The President-Elect assists the President in designing an agenda to promote and enhance the mission of the AKA. Specific duties include the following:
Serves as Co-Chair of the Workshop Planning Committee
Attends all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee
Serves as a voting member of the Executive Committee
Serves on the Nominating Committee for the selection of new officers
Reviews and makes recommendations for changes in the By-Laws
Works with the President to update By-Laws when changes are recommended
Serves as Liaison on the Future Directions Committee.
Assists the President with collaborations with other professional organizations

Reporting Requirements

The President-Elect prepares a report about new activities and services for the Board of Directors.

Date approved: June, 2015

Dates revised: January, 2017