Publications Committee

Publications Committee Operating Code


Operating Code for the Publications Committee


Name of the Committee: Publications


Purpose of the Committee

The Publications Committee (PC) is a standing committee of the American Kinesiology Association and is expected to work collaboratively with the editors of Kinesiology Today (KT), Kinesiology Konnection (KK) and Kinesiology Review (KR) to make recommendations about content, as well as the planning and publishing of other documents such as occasional white papers, position statements and reports.

Committee Membership

The Publications committee is composed of five voting members, including the chair of the committee. The Editor of KT and KK will serve as an ex-officio member. The chair must be a member of the AKA Board of Directors. The other members must be faculty members from member institutions. The Junior Member- at- Large will serve as Liaison from the Executive Committee as a non-voting member of the committee.

The Executive Committee seeks nominations for committee members from the AKA Board of Directors and current members of the Publications Committee. The members of the committee are appointed by the EC for three year terms that are staggered so that about half of the committee membership changes each year. Terms for committee members begin and end after the annual workshop. Committee members accept the responsibility to participate in meetings of the publications Committee throughout the entire term of office and to assume committee responsibilities. Three voting members shall constitute a quorum. Publications Committee members are not represented by proxy. The EC will try to form a diverse Committee in terms of the types of AKA member institutions and sized departments represented on the Committee.

Consistent with Article 12 of the AKA By-Laws, committee members will disclose any conflict of interest with any issues or business items at the beginning of a committee meeting. When a conflict exists the committee member will recuse her/himself from the discussion and ultimate voting on the specific issue of conflict. The minutes of the meeting will reflect the recusal.


The purpose of the AKA Publications Committee is to provide recommendations to the AKA Board of Directors (BOD) regarding publications. Specifically, the Committee will:

Recommend topics, partnerships and collaborative projects for KT and KK that aligns with AKA’s mission; serve as content reviewers where appropriate; and help gather information to judge the efficacy and effectiveness of AKA publications.

When appropriate, participate in recommending content for KT and KK that aligns with the editorial policy, and help gather information to judge AKA’s success in contributing to the understanding and advancement of the field of kinesiology.

Assist the Executive Director (ED), President of AKA, AKA’s BOD and KT, and KK’s Editors in evaluating and recommending changes to the long-term publication strategy so that AKA will maintain the high quality of its publications.

Make recommendations to the EC about authors to prepare textbooks, occasional white papers, position statements, reports and other leadership publications that align with AKA’s mission.

When appropriate, review proposals and make recommendations to the ED, President and AKA’s EC of potential publications for marketability, content, validity, and benefit to the discipline, professions, and AKA.

Reporting Requirements

The Publication Chairperson will report committee activities for the first six months of the year to the Executive Committee in late June and will prepare an annual report for distribution at the Association’s Annual Business Meeting. In addition, the Operating Code should be reviewed annually and if revisions are needed, recommendations for changes are to be submitted to the Executive Committee. (The requested number of copies of the Annual Report should be sent electronically to the President at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting.) Following the Annual Meeting, the Publication Chairperson shall provide to the incoming Chairperson those contents of the Committee’s files that are judged to be useful to the work of the new Committee.

Dates Approved: June, 2014

Dates Revised: January, 2017