Secretary Treasurer

Secretary - Treasurer Operating Code

Eligibility to Serve 

 A candidate for the officer position of Secretary-Treasurer must be a current or past member of the Board of Directors. 

Term of Office and Accountability   

The Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected on even number years for a two year term and is a voting member of the Executive Committee.  The term of office begins and ends after the annual workshop.  The Secretary-Treasurer is accountable to the President and the Board of Directors as specified in the bylaws. 


The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for assisting the President and Business Manager in ensuring that all meetings are well organized and effective records are available.  Specific duties include the following:

     Keeps minutes of each Board meeting, Steering Committee meeting, and Executive Committee meeting

     Distributes minutes in a timely manner

     Reviews and makes sure that all Operating Codes are updated and consistent with changes that are recommended in the minutes.

     Serves as a voting member of the Executive Committee

     Works with the President and Board of Directors to plan and develop goals and objectives for AKA   

     Serves as Liaison on one or more of the Standing Committees

     Works with the Business Manager to provide an annual financial report to the Board of Directors

     Assists the Business Manager with financial managing and monitoring when requested to do so

Reporting Requirements 

The Secretary-Treasurer prepares an annual report for the Board of Directors that highlights the activities for the year.  

Date approved:  June, 2014