AKA Education Networks
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AKA Education Networks

Graduate Network

The AKA Graduate Education Network (GEN) serves to enable graduate program directors and interested faculty to connect with peers and access resources that benefit their leadership development with respect to graduate education in Kinesiology. The Network provides the following:

  • A Pre-Workshop session at the annual AKA Workshop designated for and organized by the network
  • GEN representation, via the coordinator, on the annual workshop planning committee
  • Coordination by a committee with representation by a graduate of the AKA Leadership Institute
  • A listserv that enables communication and sharing within the network
  • Archival resources available on the website
  • Webinars on topics important for graduate education, coordinated with the AKA Communication and Marketing Committee

The Graduate Education Network:
Liz Mullin, Chair, Springfield College
Tiffanye Vargas, California State University Long Beach
Danielle Wadsworth, Auburn University
Steve Elmer, Michigan Technological University
Melissa Mache, California State University Chico
Pete Chomentowski, Northern Illinois University

Undergraduate Network
The AKA Undergraduate Education Network supports undergraduate departments through a variety of educational opportunities. Webinars and workshops focus on the needs and issues facing Kinesiology undergraduate programs. Annually, the Network offers a pre-workshop prior to the AKA Leadership Workshop. In addition, summer webinar sessions provide additional opportunities to explore issues relevant to undergraduate programs. The Network aspires to create opportunities that support learning, networking, and effective leadership amongst Kinesiology faculty and administration.

The Undergraduate Education Network:
Brandon Alderman, Chair, Rutgers University
Shaine Henert, Northern Illinois University
Jeff Cherubini, Manhattan College
Amy Linder, North Carolina Central University