Current Openings
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Current Openings

Below is a listing of all position openings at AKA member departments.  You can search the openings by title, Institution, or Category.  The categories are (1) Admin Dean/Chairs, (2) Tenure Track, or (3) Non Tenure.  To see all of the openings that are categorized as “Tenure Track,” click on “Tenure Track” under “Category” and click “Go.” Scroll down to see the results of your search.  To see the position description, click on the hyperlink listed under the “URL of complete job description” and it will take you directly to the institution’s web page where all the details are listed. To see ALL OPENINGS at once, click on SEARCH.

Posting of open positions is a free benefit to AKA members.  If your department would like to submit a position opening, click on the “Submission Instructions” page listed under Career Center.  You will need to be signed into the website with your email address and password to do this.

An E-newsletter listing of the newest position openings submitted is sent to over 650 kinesiology department chairs and over 1,200 faculty members in the U.S. every Tuesday morning.