Undergraduate Student Group Impact Awards
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Undergraduate Student Group Impact Awards

The Undergraduate Student Group Impact Awards honors a select number of student groups from member departments, recommended by department faculty or advisors, who have made meaningful contributions in the field of Kinesiology in the following categories:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
• Recognizes a student group or organization that has made meaningful contributions toward creating greater diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the field of Kinesiology
• Recognizes a student group or organization that has made meaningful contributions toward increasing the physical activity, health, and quality of life of individuals in their community

One faculty/advisor sponsor from an AKA member academic unit is encouraged to submit a nomination for an undergraduate student group who meets the criteria for one of the categories. The AKA Student Awards Committee will review nominations and select an undergraduate student group winner and honorable mention for each award category. The AKA Student Awards Chair will notify the Undergraduate Student Group Impact Award recipients, and they will be recognized at the annual AKA Leadership Workshop and on the AKA website and social media. The link to the nomination form for the AKA Undergraduate Student Group Impact Award can be found below. The deadline for submitting nomination forms for each year is March 31 (see below for instructions).

If you have questions regarding the nomination process contact, AKA Student Awards Committee Chair, Albert Mendoza (albert.mendoza@csueastbay.edu).

Nomination Instructions
The nomination packet should include the following items:

  1. The completed nomination form.
  2. Faculty/advisor sponsor Letter of Nomination/Support (not to exceed 1 page in length) via the nomination form referenced above, that summarizes the provided evidence that meets the established award criteria for the chosen category.
  3. A 3–5-minute video (no shorter than three minutes, no longer than five minutes) prepared by the undergraduate student group that provides evidence to support the nominee’s suitability for the award category. The video must be uploaded to YouTube as an “unlisted” video. Nominees and faculty/advisor sponsors are responsible for designing a presentation appropriate for the award category. Instructions for the 3-5 minute video can be found here. If you are unfamiliar with uploading a YouTube Video, here are instructions for that as well.
  4. Nomination materials will be evaluated based on a standardized rubric by members of the AKA Student Awards Committee. To avoid any conflicts of interest, committee members do not review applicants from their own institution and the chair of the committee is not involved in the review process. If you have additional questions about the selection and/or review process, please contact the chair of the committee, Dr. Albert Mendoza (albert.mendoza@csueastbay.edu)