President Operating Codes


Operating Code for the Office of President

Eligibility to Serve

The President-Elect will become the President after the annual workshop.


The President is responsible for designing an agenda to promote and enhance the mission of the AKA. Specific duties include the following:
Presides over meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee
Serves as a voting member of the Executive Committee
Ensures that timely conference calls and meetings are scheduled and agendas are developed for all
Works with the President-Elect to review and make recommendations for changes in the By-Laws
Serves as the primary spokesperson for the AKA
Communicates regularly with the Executive Director and the Business Manager
Assigns tasks and delegates responsibilities to the Executive Director
Ensures that periodic performance reviews are conducted for the Executive Director and the Editor of Kinesiology Today
Serves as Liaison on one or more of the Standing Committees
Appoints Ad-hoc committees as needed
Leads collaborations with other professional organizations

Reporting Requirements

The President ensures that timely reports about new activities and services are made to member departments. A complete report of the Executive Committee’s decisions and actions is prepared for the Board of Directors.

Date approved: June, 2015

Dates revised: January, 2017